Volvo Will Stop Production of Diesel Cars in 2024

Volvo announced that it will pull the plug on diesel car production as of 2024. The move comes as part of the company’s goals to switch to fully electric cars by 2030.

Many automobile giants around the world have started to reduce the production of internal combustion vehicles and turn to electric vehicles in order to reduce the effects of climate changes. Sweden-based manufacturer aiming to switch to fully electric models in 2030 volvo is one of them.

Volvo announced today that it will take a step towards its goals. According to the statements, the automobile giant, majority of which is owned by the Chinese company Geely, now diesel engine vehicle will not produce.

Volvo will stop producing diesel-powered vehicles by 2024

The company announced that its latest diesel car will be launched next year. The following statements were made in the statement: “In a few months, the last Volvo car with a diesel engine will be produced “and this will make Volvo Cars one of the first legacy car manufacturers to take such a step.”

Volvo’s diesel car sales, although previously quite high, have fallen recently. So much so that diesel vehicles comprised only 8.9% of the cars sold by the company in 2022. A similar situation existed in general sales. While diesel cars accounted for 50% of total sales in Europe in 2015, they dropped to 14% this year.


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The move was made as part of the company’s goals to switch to fully electric cars by 2030 and abandon all internal combustion engine vehicles, including hybrids. Let’s add that the automobile giant wants to be carbon neutral by 2040.

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