TurkNet approached the 1 million subscriber threshold!

TurkNet, one of Turkey’s leading internet service providers, continues to stand out with the high quality and reliable broadband internet services it offers. Increasing its number of subscribers day by day in this process, the company is about to surpass a new step.

TurkNet is ambitious: “We aim to enter 2024 with 1 million subscribers”


Cem Çelebiler stated that TurkNet has aimed to provide its users with a free internet experience since its establishment and said:

“We promise a quality internet experience by offering high speed internet without any commitment or quota limitation. We are committed to making our users’ internet experience free from any limitations. Just as we removed the Fair Usage Point (AKN) restrictions, we now aim to free our users from the potential restrictions of tariff and commitment applications. “We are moving forward to increase our investments and subscriber numbers to increase the freedom of internet users in Turkey.”

Çelebiler started his speech by saying that the internet is not a luxury, but a necessity.Fast internet has become not just a luxury, but a necessity. Because digitalization affects every sector, from business to education, from entertainment to healthcare. Growing data consumption, cloud-based services; Online business, games and training primarily change and expand the needs of users day by day.

The channels and broadcast methods that users use to access information have now turned into live broadcasts over the internet. High-speed internet has become a real necessity in order to follow these streams with high-resolution broadcast streams. In addition, the number of devices requiring internet connection is increasing rapidly..

I think that augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, which are considered as the technologies of the future but not in the distant future, should now be counted among the daily needs of the users and we should act by taking these into consideration. In short, even a standard user now has no choice but high-speed internet.

High-speed internet use has become a vital need for everyone. If we want to reach information and technology as a country on equal terms with the world, high speeds must be easily accessible and affordable for everyone. As TurkNet, we are expanding our fiber infrastructure day by day so that everyone can access the internet at equal speeds.

We provide service to each of our users outside our own infrastructure at the highest speed supported by their infrastructure at a single price. “We also provide internet service to universities and incubation centers in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Tekirdağ, Kocaeli and Bursa.” said.

In this context, Cem Çelebiler said that they attach importance to the use of TurkNet GigaFiber not only for individual users but also for educational institutions at speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, and underlined that they continue to break the mold for users who are not in the TurkNet GigaFiber infrastructure, and continued his statements as follows: “We support all our users with our innovative perspective, end-to-end digital customer experience and high-speed, reliable and uninterrupted internet access. We are working hard to provide the best internet experience.”

Cem Çelebiler said that one of TurkNet’s highest priorities is customer satisfaction.Our call centers, online support platforms and social media accounts are used to quickly answer our customers’ questions and solve their problems effectively.

Our subscribers can open a support ticket via our Online Transactions Center at any time of the day. In the surveys we conducted for our users who submitted their requests to us by opening a support ticket, 70% give our service 5 out of 5 points. Our average response time to users who submit a support request is 20 minutes.

Our TurkNet GigaFiber users can get 24/7 call center support and live support from Net Expert teams specifically assigned to them whenever they need. Our average response time to GigaFiber users is 15 minutes.

We know that 60% of our TurkNet GigaFiber users became TurkNet users upon the recommendation of their friends who liked the internet service they received. These figures make us proud and are an indication of how right we are. Thanks to these approaches, TurkNet users always enjoy the best internet experience while maintaining their uninterrupted connections and access to the latest digital technologies.” said.

TurkNet’s high-speed internet experience was recently rewarded once again by the world-famous speed test platform Speedtest, following all these investments and efforts. According to Speedtest, as of the 3rd quarter of 2021, TurkNet has been the speed leader for 9 consecutive times.

TurkNet CEO Cem Çelebiler expressed his feelings on this issue with the following words: “According to the report of Speedtest, the most preferred independent speed test platform globally, for the third quarter of 2023, we have maintained our speed leadership as of the 3rd quarter of 2021.

According to the report, there is nothing faster than TurkNet in Turkey. While the average download speed for fixed internet in Turkey is 36.92 Mbps, the average download speed of TurkNet users is 64.31 Mbps. We also ranked first among the providers offering the lowest latency on fixed internet, with a latency of only 13 milliseconds compared to our competitors. When it comes to speed consistency, the leadership is again with us.

Although the table is a source of pride for TurkNet, unfortunately Turkey’s place in the world rankings is far behind: We are ranked 110th among 181 countries in the fixed internet speed ranking. Turkey’s falling behind in the world rankings shows that we need to make more efforts as TurkNet. We will continue to work to ensure that high-speed internet access is accessible and of high quality for everyone.

When we succeed, this will positively affect not only TurkNet, but also our industry and Turkey. We aim to contribute to a better internet experience for everyone by providing a positive competitive environment to our competitors. With this mission, we will continue to be the brand that inspires Turkey’s faster internet future. By working harder, we will play important roles in this journey to carry Turkey to higher speeds. As TurkNet, we will continue to be the pioneer of speed and quality.”

In his statement, Cem Çelebiler also stated that providing fast internet without commitment has become more important depending on the economic developments in 2023: “Nowadays, especially with factors such as variability of economic conditions and increasing inflation, commitment is perceived as a price guarantee. However, many internet users have a hard time paying a withdrawal fee and leaving even if they are not satisfied with the current service when they make a commitment.

This means that once users make a commitment, they cannot easily give up, even if they are not satisfied with the service. If the user stops using the internet service during the commitment period, he may have to pay large penalties.

The result, unfortunately, pushes the user to continue receiving a service they do not want. While the user thinks that he is protecting himself from price increases, he actually has difficulty switching to another provider that has higher speed options and offers better service, and this negatively affects the internet experience.

It may seem attractive that committed internet packages give users a price guarantee and are presented as an advantageous option. However, it is important not to ignore the disadvantages of these packages. In the competitive environment in the market, consumers need to carefully evaluate their options and carefully analyze their advantages and disadvantages before deciding on committed internet packages. Factors such as flexibility, financial comfort and keeping up with technological progress must be evaluated.

As a result, since the first day we were founded, as TurkNet, we have been determined to ensure that our users feel free and have the best internet experience. For example, there is no quota limitation on internet usage on TurkNet. This means that your internet speed will not decrease at any time. You can easily use the internet you get from TurkNet at any time of the day, without any quota.

Just as we freed our users from Fair Usage Point (AKN) limitations, we now want to free them from the restrictions that commitment practices can create. For this reason, instead of promising low speeds to our users, we offer prices and payment opportunities by keeping the inflation effect to a minimum.” said.

Çelebiler also emphasized his belief in the liberating nature of the internet with the applications and campaigns implemented by TurkNet and said, “For example, we offer the “Effortless Cancellation” option to our users who do not want to continue using our services. For our users who want to switch from another operator by choosing TurkNet, we cover the “Withdrawal Fee” of up to 1,000 TL in the TurkNet GigaFiber infrastructure and up to 240 TL in the established operator infrastructure.

In addition, with the “12 Month Fixed Price Opportunity”, users can enjoy high-speed internet at an advantageous price by paying 279.90 TL at once instead of 299.90 TL per month, and they are not affected by possible changes by fixing their prices for 12 months. The user can use single withdrawal or installment options offered by his bank. They can cancel their services at any time and get their remaining amounts back without any commitment. He finished his statements by saying.

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