Turkcell Started Communication Studies via Satellite

Turkcell announced that it will cooperate with Lynk, which aims to provide communication services via satellites.

Held in Barcelona, ​​Spain To Mobile World Congress from our participating companies Turkcellfrom satellite communications companies Lynk announced that it will cooperate with the company for communication via satellite. The two companies will work together to trial SMS, voice and data services.

Turkcell focuses on new technologies

Turkcell General Manager Dr. Ali Taha Koçin his statement regarding the collaboration “We set out to play a complementary role to existing mobile networks in rural areas where terrestrial networks cannot be established or access opportunities are limited.” NTN (Non-Terrestrial Networks) solutions are gaining importance all over the world. Thanks to constantly developing satellite technologies, we are exploring cooperation opportunities with NTN companies in order to serve our customers in terrestrial areas and high seas where mobile coverage is no longer available, and in this way, we are testing the services we aim to provide more uninterruptedly to every point of the geography. “With the aim of maintaining our leadership in bringing next generation technologies to our country, we continue our work on providing mobile services via satellites, as in many areas of technology.” he said.

Koç also stated that they will continue their national and international cooperation. R&D studies focused on 5.5G and 6G He added that it will continue. Devices such as mobile phones and modems that can use satellite channels enable users in regions without mobile coverage to use message, voice and data services. In this context, many companies continue their work. Many companies are working in this field.


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