TRT’s international content platform! What does TRT Sure offer?

TRT Sure appeared as a new platform prepared by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT). The program aims to introduce natural life, wildlife and ecosystems in Turkey and various parts of the world. The content is often shot in a documentary style and offers viewers an informative experience accompanied by striking visuals.

TRT Sure aims to raise awareness among viewers about the magnificent beauty and biological diversity of nature, focusing especially on nature and environmental issues in TRT’s wide range of documentaries. These programs draw attention to rare and interesting wildlife species and natural beauties not only in Turkey but also around the world.

Post-apocalyptic series from TRT!  The first trailer has been released

Post-apocalyptic series from TRT! The first trailer has been released

The first trailer for the Derin Mor series has been shared. The science fiction production, which tells about a post-apocalyptic world, will be broadcast on the TRT platform Tabi.

The content offered by TRT Tabi also aims to raise awareness on issues such as nature conservation and sustainability. The program aims to increase public awareness on ecological balance and biodiversity by providing important information about environmental problems and solutions to these problems.

It also looks at local people’s relationships with nature and the cultural aspects of these relationships, showing viewers how they can live more harmoniously with the natural world around them. In this context, TRT Sure stands out as both an educational and inspiring source.

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