Trendyol Opened Its Design Language to Everyone’s Use

Trendyol has opened the design language that it has developed in-house for years to the use of the whole world. The ‘Baklava’ library can be used in the projects of web developers.

Turkey’s e-commerce giant Trendyol also shapes the technology sector in our country. The technology development department of Trendyol, which employs thousands of people Trendyol Techalso published a domestic resource for web developers today.

Trendyol Tech team will offer a ready-made interface library for web page developers ‘BaklavaShared the first version of . Baklava can rival Bootstrap and Tailwind, the most popular libraries of today, and can be used by web developers with these libraries.

Trendyol’s entire design language is accessible to everyone:

Publication of the library as open to the public also reflects the design language we see on Trendyol’s website and mobile application. open to all provided. Every pixel and typography we see in Trendyol’s application has been opened to the whole world with the library.

How to use Trendyol’s Baklava library?

trendyol baklava

After adding these codes, all you have to do is use the CSS codes you can access from this link in your project. You can write any button, text, image box or table in Trendyol’s language.

You can also use the library with Vue, React or Angular. Moreover, this You can also send your own support to the can make the library evolve and become much more comprehensive.

You can reach Baklava’s GitHub page here.


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