Traffic light apparently agrees to phase out coal in 2030

coal-fired power station

Natural gas for electricity generation should be dispensed with by 2040 at the latest.

(Photo: imago images / photothek)

Berlin According to information from negotiating circles, the planned traffic light coalition has agreed to phase out coal by 2030. The date will be in the coalition agreement, several of those involved in the talks told Reuters on Tuesday.

The prerequisite is that security of supply is guaranteed and social hardship for employees has to be cushioned. The date 2030 was a request by the Greens and was particularly important to them. So far, the shutdown of the last coal pile is planned by 2038 at the latest.

It also said that natural gas for electricity generation should be dispensed with by 2040 at the latest. This fuel will no longer be used in new buildings for the next few years. Natural gas heating would also have to be replaced by the mid-2030s.

According to the information, the Greens can rely on a strong climate ministry to enforce this. The climate section of the environmental department is linked to core elements of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. These are primarily the energy and industry departments.

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Accordingly, the Greens had less success in the transport sector with the demand for an end to combustion engines as early as 2030. Here it essentially remains with the formulations from the exploratory paper. This refers to the plans of the EU Commission that combustion engines will no longer be permitted from 2035.

The negotiations between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP are in the final phase. It could come to a conclusion on Wednesday.

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