Trader Who Bought Bitcoin (BTC) For 67 Cents Speaks: He Gave Two Levels For Bottom And Top!

DaVinci Jeremie, owner of Davincij15 channel on YouTube, for 67 cents in March 2011 bitcoin he bought.

“A Mind-Bending Technology”

Now, more than a decade later, with Bitcoin trading at around $16,500, Jeremie said he continues to hold his Bitcoin because it’s a “monetary system that countries can’t stop”:

“With BTC, you can instantly transfer your wealth to anyone, anywhere in the world, without a third party. This is mind-blowing technology.”

According to Jeremie, these qualities of Bitcoin will become particularly evident as governments begin to introduce central bank digital currencies:

“I think countries will produce their own digital currencies and make it impossible for people to transact by blocking what they buy as well as telling them what they can and cannot buy.”

Jeremie suggested that in this case, people would turn to BTC to circumvent excessive interference by countries by using it in daily transactions.

Saying that the price of Bitcoin was manipulated through derivative markets and ETFs, Jeremie claimed that gold and silver were also manipulated:

“Bitcoin is the only commodity you can’t receive on the commodity exchange. Still the easiest commodity to deliver… if the BTC contract expires, all you get is cash.”

Jeremie suggested that buy and sell orders can be placed on the exchange to move the price of BTC in intraday transactions:

“Another way to manipulate price is with ETFs. People can buy what they think is Bitcoin on an ETF, but it’s not BTC… with an ETF you’re only exposed to price risk.”

“We Can See $12,000 in Bitcoin”

Jeremie predicted a base price of $12,000, claiming that BTC would eventually recover to $100,000:

“I think we will probably see $12,000 for Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency It will take until 2024 for the winter to really start to wane because during this period we will complete the halving process in BTC.

*Not investment advice.

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