TikTok Turns To Instagram: Here’s The ‘Photo Mode’ Feature

TikTok has announced two new features it has prepared for users. One of these features makes the platform almost like Instagram. The second feature will allow more descriptions to be written on posts.

One of the most popular social media platforms in the world TikTokannounced two new features for users. One of these features will allow TikTok to be used like Instagram at the same time. Because users will be able to share photos on TikTok from now on. Let’s all TikTok together new features Let’s take a closer look.

The first feature that TikTok offers to users, “Photo ModeAs the name suggests, this feature allows sharing photos on the platform. According to the company’s official statement, you will be able to turn 35 photos into a gallery and share them on TikTok. Moreover, Photo Mode has a significant difference compared to Instagram.

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Users can access galleries of up to 35 photos. They can also add music. Moreover, the shared photos will be played automatically as a slide show. Integrated with music The slide show will be open to user intervention. Users will be able to change the photos with the right-left swipe gesture.


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When we look at the interface of TikTok’s Photo Mode, same as Instagram We can say it is. Only the buttons under the posts on Instagram, as always in TikTok on the right side exists. The user’s profile photo will also be on the right.

TikTok new feature

Another new feature that TikTok offers to users is that it is prepared for posts. description section it was about. TikTok users, in the next process up to 2200 characters They will be able to write a post description. In this way, the story of a post will be told in more detail in the description section. It was also announced that the post editing tools on the platform were improved. Users will now encounter more options.

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