This Country Is Getting Ready To Reactivate FTX Shooting! What’s the Latest Situation in Turkey?

FTX‘s bankruptcy application, which included 130 group companies, stopped all withdrawals.

FTX’s offshoots in other countries were also included in this bankruptcy filing, so filming in different countries was suspended.

This situation is most FTX EN impressed their customers. For FTX EN Regardless of the global, the user who did not completely suspend the shooting began to send their funds piecemeal. After filing for bankruptcy FTX ENThese transactions were also frozen.

FTX GlobalGood news came from Japan, while the hopeless investors in FTX TR were wondering if they could get their money back.

Japanese speaking to local news agency FTX JapanAn executive of ‘s attributed the suspension of withdrawals to their use of the same system as Global and said that they have developed their own system so that customers can withdraw their assets.

The FTX Japan executive added that filming could be possible by the end of the year.

As of November 10, the remaining user balance in FTX Japan is approximately $138 million.

What’s the Latest in FTX TR?

After FTX filed for bankruptcy, FTX TR stopped shooting. Later, MASAK got involved in the process and started a review on FTX/FTX TR.

At the end of this review, it is expected that FTX TR will enter the process of returning user funds, but there is no information about when the process will end.

FTX EN He responds to his customers who contact him about this issue as follows:

“The process continues under the control of MASAK, we cannot find any intervention at the moment. Information will be given when the process is complete.

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