This Altcoin Takes Off This Weekend: Here’s The Reason For The 4x Rally!

The platform-associated MobileCoin (MOB) experienced a huge spike over the weekend after it was noticed that Elon Musk will use the Signal Protocol for encrypted messaging, which is included in the Twitter 2.0 plans.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who announced the new version plans of Twitter in a post he made, A new end-to-end encrypted messaging system He talked about using it.

For the messaging system that Musk mentioned, a Twitter user claimed that he would benefit from Signal, the open-source encrypted messaging software. The user stated that he learned that Signal would be used for the messaging system that Elon Musk mentioned, thanks to a code found in Twitter’s IOS and Android applications.

On these developments, the Signal-linked cryptocurrency MOB showed a nearly 300% bullish performance over the weekend. about the end of the week $0.59 MOB, starting the levels $2.48 experienced a rise.

MOB, which is listed on Binance and many cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinMarketCap’s Among the most valuable cryptocurrencies 161. is ranked. MOB at the time of writing from $1.53 is being traded.

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