They defrauded a Cryptocurrency Investor of 200 Thousand Dollars

A cryptocurrency investor in Malaysia lost a significant portion of his savings due to scammers.

According to local news sources, a 42-year-old investor lost nearly 1 million Malaysian ringgit (about $200,000) to scammers.

Allegedly, a foreign person tricked the investor into investing cryptocurrency via the mobile application.

The victim was promised a 60% return within the first 60 minutes after investing.

According to the complaint, the foreigner also told him that he would earn additional income from every transaction he made. The victim made 126 transactions worth approximately $200,000 in total.

The crypto investor realized that he had been defrauded but could not withdraw his money from the application and his account was blocked.

A few days before this incident, a 77-year-old citizen lost approximately 45 thousand dollars due to phone fraud.

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