The Vigil Has Begun Around the Atatürk Monument

An ugly attack took place the day we passed the Atatürk monument, which is located at the point where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk set foot in Samsun to start the National Struggle on May 19, 1919. After the attack, hundreds of people started to stand guard around the monument.

The other day, an ugly attack was carried out on the Atatürk monument in Samsun, which has now become one of the symbols of the city. The assailants, whose identity cannot be determined, destroyed Atatürk’s monument on a horse in the evening. tried to destroy it by tying a rope to the hind legs of the horse and pulling it. Then, it was determined that the attackers, who left the ropes where they were and fled, entered the park with a vehicle.

Within the scope of the ongoing investigation on the subject, first the vehicle was detected, and then interrogation of two suspects information shared.

The vigil started around the monument, the images are on social media

Following the incident, the #Samsun hashtag became the agenda on Twitter. Hundreds of people went to keep watch around photos and videos from the monument became the most important agenda item of social media.

Support posts for the ongoing vigil on social media

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