The Price of Meme Coin, which Rising 1,030x Due to the Death of the Anti-Bitcoin Billionaire, Reset!

A memecoin minted after the death of Warren Buffett’s right-hand man, Charlie Munger, witnessed a massive rise in a short time.

Based on data provided by GeckoTerminal Charlie Munger from his death On the Ethereum (ETH) network in 15 minutes printed MUNGER a memecoin, in a short time 103 thousand% rose.

This shitcoin operation, which was carried out after the death of Munger, who had a grudge against cryptocurrencies, was popular among the community.ironic” was interpreted as.

on Uniswap 28 November An unstoppable trend shortly after its listing to the rise to last MUNGER demand increased in a short time. But investors soon bought the project in question. that they can only buy and not sell noticed.

This project, which is constantly rising and has no other function than victimizing investors and making them gain money for the token creator. $0.00000000365 from level $0.000000167 quickly after rising crashed.

MUNGER project attracted many cryptocurrency investors in a short time. victimized and during writing From $0.00000000264 is being traded.

Binance’s new CEO in the past period Richard Teng and chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Gary Gensler Similarly, shitcoins were printed and profiteering was done in its name.

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