The Legendary Economist Who Reproached Bitcoin Made a Comparison of Inflation!

Experienced trader and analyst Peter Brandt included a remarkable chart between Bitcoin and US inflation.

Peter Brandt social media dated 23 April in your postHe included data that Bitcoin opponents also use as part of their thesis.

Considering US-based inflation Bitcoin halving and spot Although Bitcoin ETF He said that the price did not break a record and this aroused curiosity among those who were skeptical about Bitcoin. In the Bitcoin/US consumer purchasing power chart he shared, Bitcoin’s Not reaching a new peak for 3 years drew attention.

For experienced investors to understand the other party’s thinking technical and macroeconomic factors Stating that he examined it, Brandt included the following statements in the details of his statement:

The best traders I have known in the half-century (50-year) futures market are genuinely interested in what the people on the other side of their bets think, whether from a technical or global macro perspective.
With this in mind, it is extremely interesting to note that the US inflation-based Bitcoin price has not reached a new high in three years, despite the halving and spot Bitcoin ETFs. The question for Bitcoin investors is: Why do you think the market has not moved towards new ATHs?

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