The identity of the mysterious whale that accumulated 10 thousand Bitcoins in November has been revealed!

As it is known, yesterday an unidentified whale found 11,268 whales worth a total of 424 million dollars in the last three weeks alone. Bitcoin The news he had been collecting was out.

The transactions of this whale and its unknown identity were talked about a lot in the market. However, the identity of this whale has been revealed.

According to Coindesk news, It was determined that the new wallet address, which has accumulated over 10,000 BTC from scratch since November, belongs to the cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX.

CryptoQuantIn a report to CoinDesk, he said that the wallet address in question belongs to BitMEX and that this wallet is a new address for the exchange’s cold wallet, or a type of storage that is not connected to the internet.

“This new wallet address, which has been accumulating Bitcoin from scratch since November, received Bitcoin from a total of 450 addresses.

These addresses also appear in BitMEX’s Proof of Reserve report.

The movements of the new wallet indicate that BitMEX is likely conducting an internal transfer. Because most of the Bitcoin assets were moved from 3BMEX format to bc1qmex format addresses.”

As of Thursday, the wallet was the 74th largest holder of Bitcoin, according to data.

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