The heartbeat from space was astonishing!

High-energy vibrations from deep space that are only a few milliseconds long. ‘fast radio bursts’ is referred to as. Briefly FRB (Fast Radio Burst) These vibrations, called millions of kilometers It reaches us by traveling all the way.

A thousand times longer than a standard FRB

This species has been identified so far. many signals exists. Generally from far away interpretation of these vibrations is quite difficult due to the short time they have. However, astronomers recently removed the standard FRBs. a very different vibration they encountered.

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It has surprisingly regular fluctuations. fast radio burst The time is also very unusual. The fast radio burst in question 3 second duration a thousand times longer than the average. At the same time in 0.2 seconds An incoming regular fluctuation also makes the FRB even more interesting.


The explosion, designated FRB 20191221A, CHIME telescope It was discovered in collaboration with astronomers from McGill University, MIT, and other institutions using Daniele Michilli, who led the research, heartbeat-like FRB He uses the following statements about:

Lasting three seconds, this FRB was not only long, but had remarkably precise periodic peaks that spread out like a “boom, boom, boom” heartbeat in short intervals. For the first time, we see a signal fluctuate periodically.

The repetitive nature of the signal, astronomers on what could cause the explosions to build theory might help. The exact cause of these vibrations is still unknown. However, many astronomers magnetar a species with a strong magnetic field called from the neutron star thinks it’s caused.

In our own galaxy radio bursts There are magnetars that produce it. However, this detected signal is different from other samples. much stronger. The magnetars in our galaxy did not cause such strong fluctuations. But for some reason, one of the magnetars may have become stronger for a short time. Researchers, to collect more data hopes to observe FRBs from this source again in the future.

We are also curious about the origin of the FRB. So you from outer space and heartbeat-like vibration What do you think about it? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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