The first short film produced with artificial intelligence is coming

Recently, many large technology companies, especially those in the TV hardware business, have started producing original content. TCL is preparing to release its first specially produced short romantic film on the TCLtv+ platform this summer. The only problem is that TCL uses generative AI to produce original movies for its platform.

TCL released the trailer of the movie called “Next Stop Paris” and describes it as “the first artificial intelligence-supported love story”. This film used human writers and actors for motion capture and voice performances. Artists in the US, Canada, the UK and Poland worked on the project, but the generative AI did the main work.

“We are excited about the opportunity to differentiate with original content,” said Chris Regina, TCL’s chief content officer. AIGC [yapay zeka tarafından üretilen içerik] It’s a start for us. “This makes sense as an approach coming from a technology and hardware company, and that’s where we start.”

The story of Next Destination Paris tells the story of a young woman who goes to Paris alone for her honeymoon after running away with someone from one of her fiancé’s wedding parties. He meets a stranger on the train and together they explore the capital of France.

While it wouldn’t be fair to judge the movie entirely based on a trailer, the Next Stop Paris trailer gives both the project and TCLtv+ a bad first impression.

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The characters’ appearances change throughout the trailer and they have a hard time reflecting their emotions. Lip syncing is almost non-existent and the characters walk in a rather unnatural manner. The trailer feels like a nightmare.

Fortunately, TCL doesn’t just work on AI-generated content. Regina said, “We are thinking of doing traditional content. So movies, scripted shows, unscripted content, specials…” she says. So we can say that this is an experimental project.

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