The Expected Call for Solana Is Coming: 45 Million Dollars Was Raised

The new phone developed for Solana (SOL) users is in high demand from customers.

For the second generation phone developed by Solana Mobile 100k pre-orders in just over a month was given.

The first phone released for Solana, Only 20 thousand units in almost a year He had sold it.

Solana Mobile for the release of the second phone At least 100 thousand orders stated that it was necessary. Once this limit is reached, the phones In the first half of 2025 is planned to be released.

Solana’s first phone was launched with a sales price of one thousand dollars. Customers who pre-ordered the second phone, 450 dollars paid.

Just like the first one, the phone will have features that make it easier to buy, sell and use cryptocurrencies.

Anatoly Yakovenko, founder of Solana, “It is very difficult to beat Apple and Google in camera and other technological features.” he said and “That’s why we attach great importance to crypto features. “We’re trying to do something you won’t find on any other device.” he added.

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