The exciting stage for iPhone 14 has been reached!

The iPhone 13 was a disappointment to some of us as it didn’t offer much change over its predecessor. Although the designs and features of smartphones have begun to repeat each other in recent years, Apple does not hesitate to spend time adding something new. we look forward to iPhone 14 will offer some changes. The good news came for the part that perhaps excited us the most.

The new generation iPhone, which is under development, will appear in September. The device, which we have not heard about for a while, with the production process related developments have finally been the subject of our news.

iPhone 15 camera appeared! Here is Apple’s first surprise

The first details for the iPhone 15 camera began to come. The new leak suggests that the iPhone 15 may have a periscope sensor.

The screens to be used for the iPhone 14 are in the testing phase

According to the information revealed so far, we will say goodbye to the ‘mini’ option in this generation. Instead the standard iPhone 14 will have an option called ‘Max’. Thus, we will be able to experience the standard iPhone 14 on a larger screen without upgrading to the Pro model. As these developments are expected, one of the most striking features of the new generation is the screen. According to the report from The Elec, Apple has put the OLED screens to be used in the iPhone 14 family to mass production testing.

When these tests, which are the last stage before mass production, are successful, the mass production process will begin. Screen tests are of great importance, as iPhone 14 Pro models will have a different notch design than their predecessors. We will see how the new OLED displays, produced by BOE, will perform in the coming months.

In fact, we can say that the development process is going slowly. BOE is a few weeks behind LG and Samsung in screen production. It may seem a little alarming that although the device will be released in September, the displays still haven’t entered mass production. However, so far, there has been no news that the iPhone 14 family has been delayed.

Although we will not be able to witness the change of the charging input in this generation, we have expectations about the screen and design. We look forward to hearing more leaks about the iPhone 14 in the coming weeks.

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