The Design of the Facelifted 2024 Golf Revealed

Volkswagen’s new facelifted Golf model was displayed. The photos show that we could see significant changes in the headlights.

very popular in our country. Golf, undoubtedly one of Volkswagen’s most iconic cars. Company CEO Thomas Shcaffer recently stated that the popular model It will be renewed in 2024 had announced. Since then, the vehicle has been eagerly awaited.

Now it’s the car’s clearest ever images appeared. Shared by Engine1 The images reveal what we will encounter in the 2024 make-up Golf.

This is what the next 2024 Golf with brand new headlights will look like

The spy images shared by Motor1 show some design changes. Perhaps the most striking of these is the with thinner headlights to be the future. On the other hand, it is seen that changes have been made to the front bumper.

Looking at the rear, the taillights are covered to hide the LED details. The taillights come in the same design as the current generation in terms of shape. It should be noted that the vehicle displayed is a rechargeable hybrid model. On the other hand, there are also rumors that the new Golf may be the last internal combustion generation before it turns electric.

The images released today do not reveal how the interior of the vehicle will be designed. However, some photos shared months ago are bigger than the new Golf’s ID.3’s 12-inch screen. with a huge infotainment screen proved that it could be put on the market.

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