The Design of the 2024 Model Volkswagen Golf Revealed

Volkswagen Golf facelift was caught on spy cameras. Thus, the design of the last Golf with an internal combustion engine became clear. However, there is no information about the launch date of the vehicle.

It is no big secret that German automobile giant Volkswagen has been working on the 2024 model Golf for a while. New Golf, albeit small make-up operation will pass. In this context; New images of the vehicle caught on spy cameras reveal what the design of the facelifted Golf will be like. Let’s all talk about the upcoming car to design changes Let’s take a closer look.

The 2024 model Volkswagen Golf will be largely similar to the current model. However, there will be a notable change in the headlights. This change in the grill part will show itself. The company is in the facelifted Golf led strip Will prefer headlight design. Apart from this, there will be no major changes at the front.

This is what the facelifted Volkswagen Golf will look like

When we look at the rear of the vehicle, we cannot see a big change. The company has made a small camouflage on the backlights, but this camouflage does not affect the overall design. does not hide. On the other hand; The Volkswagen logo and Golf lettering will not change in the facelift version. However, let’s point out this; In the 2024 model Golf a new rim design will be available.

Volkswagen Golf 2024 with facelift

What we can talk about the technical details of the 2024 model Volkswagen Golf there is nothing. However, it is rumored that the facelifted Golf will not have a manual transmission. There are also rumors that engine options will generally be preserved, but technologies such as mild hybrid will be integrated into Golf. All of these will be realized by the company. at launch it will be clear.


Let’s also point out this; facelifted Golf for Volkswagen end of an era will have brought it. The company, which recently made a statement on the subject, said that only fully electric Golfs will be on sale by 2028. announced. The make-up work to be done in 2024 is where we see the internal combustion Golf. will be the final design.


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