The countdown has begun for the electric Range Rover! Here is the history

The new electric Range Rover model was seen uncamouflaged while being tested with its black exterior coating. This shows that Range Rover uses a similar design language as its current internal combustion engine models. Here is the release date and details…

Land Rover is preparing to launch its first electric Range Rover model by the end of this year. The brand has announced that this new model will be available in Northern Europe. passed winter tests announced and shared some test images.

It is stated that this model will have a stylish and modern appearance similar to traditional Range Rovers. In winter tests, Sweden’s in freezing cold powertrain and electronic components used in the vehicle performance tested.

Date announced for electric Land Rover Defender

Date announced for electric Land Rover Defender

According to leaked information, Land Rover will present the fully electric Defender model to car enthusiasts in 2025.

Land Rover launches its new vehicle Tested it in extreme cold conditions such as -40 degrees. The company will soon measure the durability of the vehicle. hot desert It will also conduct tests in different climates. This is part of an extensive testing program to verify the reliability of the electric SUV over wide temperature ranges.

Unfortunately, detailed information about the technical specifications of the new Range Rover has not yet been provided. However, the vehicle High power charging with 800V architecture It is known that he will support it. If its performance V8 engine It is said that it will be at similar levels with the models.

Land Rover also currently offers great customer interest He stated that it was. The company has already more than 16 thousand announced that it had received an expression of interest. This suggests that the electric Range Rover model will be in high demand when it launches.

While the new model reflects the durability and luxury concept of the Range Rover series, it is expected to include technological innovations specific to electric vehicles. This enables Land Rover to make a strong entry into the electric vehicle market and offers fans of the brand an exciting option.

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