The App That Brings iMessage to Android: Sunbird

An app called Sunbird claimed to bring Apple’s popular messaging app iMessage to Android with all its features. It is stated that the application, which is not yet available to everyone because it is in closed beta, will also offer support for other messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Available to iPhone users only iMessage, undoubtedly one of Apple’s best apps. The application, which also has end-to-end encryption and has been tried to be imitated many times, takes the messaging experience to the next level with its features. The fact that iMessage is only available on iPhones also gives Apple a great advantage, while Android users cannot use the application. That’s why Google wants Apple to support RCS, which will make messaging between iPhone and Android like iMessage without the need for a third-party app.

While all this is happening, applications that will enable iMessage to be used on phones with Android operating system continue to be developed. An app that is now emerging claims to be able to do just that, too.

Sunbird app claims to bring all iMessage features to Android

According to Apple Insider, the name of this application sunbird. The application is currently in closed beta; It will bring end-to-end encryption, full quality photos, group chats, reactions and all other iMessage features to Android. says. Moreover, he adds that it can do this without requiring any Apple device or desktop software.

According to the company’s statements, there is still no way for users to use iMessage on Android phones. Needs Apple ID will be. After logging in with this, they will be able to use all the features from their Android devices. If all this happens, it would not be wrong to say that Apple will not be very happy about it.

Sunbird also stated that it will offer support for different messaging applications other than iMessage. Among them WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger there is also. Also in the future; It is stated that support for Telegram, RCS, Instagram DMs, Slack, Signal and even Discord may come. Speaking to Apple Insider, Sunbird officials also added that their servers will not store third-party login information and personal data, and that all messages, except SMS, will be encrypted end-to-end.

To experience the Sunbird app for now that it is not possible We need to specify. We will see in the future whether the application will really deliver what it promises and how safe it will be.


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