The Analyst Who Was Successful in His Predictions Announced: “These Events Are More Important Than the Halving for Bitcoin, This Level Can Be Seen!”

Bitcoin It started to decline before the halving, which was seen as the biggest event that has been eagerly awaited for a long time.

Analysts point out that this decline is due to different reasons, including the historical decline before the halving, the repricing of US Fed interest rate cut expectations and on-chain data. 10x Research CEO Markus ThielenIt came from.

At this point, Markus Thielen stated that the economic data to be announced next week for Bitcoin is more important than the halving.

What is the Level to Follow in Bitcoin?

After the last correction, customers ‘Bitcoin and Ethereum’Pointing out that important support levels have been broken in Bitcoin, Markus Thielen said in his new report that the economic data to be announced next week will overshadow the effect of the Bitcoin halving.

“Although growth, inflation and changes in central bank policies have not affected Bitcoin crypto prices over the last twelve months, these macro factors are now again the most critical factors.

“These economic data continue to be more important than the expected halving.”

Thielen also due to lack of trading volume BTC its price is 62,000 dollars, ETH He said that he predicted that the price would drop to $3,100.

The analyst also pointed out that $68,330 for Bitcoin and $3,460 for Ethereum are critical levels and said that investors should follow these levels.

*This is not investment advice.

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