Texting without matching is coming with Tinder Select!

Tinder, one of the world’s most popular romantic dating programs, has finally made its Select membership available to everyone. The service, which was previously available to high-end customers such as celebrities and models, will begin to be offered to everyone. However, the price of Tinder Select membership is quite high. So, what does the membership system for Tinder, which brings features such as sending messages without matching, offer?

Don’t send a message without matching on Tinder! Here is Tinder Select membership and price

Matching app Tinder is breaking down its trademark message-without-match wall. The price of the membership system called Tinder Select is $499 per month. This membership, which is quite expensive, seeks to offer privileges to its users.

Another feature of this membership is skipping the queue. Even though they do not have Gold and Platinum memberships, it allows regular members to view your profile more easily.

Despite all this, being financially able to pay $499 per month is not enough for this membership. To become a Tinder Select member, you must be one of the most active 1 percent members. In other words, Tinder will open these exclusive features only to certain users.

Modern solutions from Tofaş for changing customer needs!

Modern solutions from Tofaş for changing customer needs!

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However, this is not the only requirement for Tinder Select. Accordingly, Tinder will present users with a selection screen with 5 conditions for Select membership. According to the conditions, the user must have at least 4 photos. Another requirement is that the user must specify at least 5 areas of interest. A description of at least 15 characters in the biography and the purpose of the relationship are the other two requirements. The last condition is that the profile must be verified.

If the quite expensive Tinder Select subscription attracts enough interest, it may be available to all users. However, it is debatable how interesting these features are for approximately 13,600 TL at today’s exchange rate.

Matching apps actually first appeared on Facebook. Tinder was the first Facebook application in this sense. With the widespread use of smartphones, these pairing applications appeared with their own applications.

The most well-known matching application today is Tinder. However, there are also alternatives such as Happn, OkCupid and Bumble. Especially after the increase in the dollar exchange rate, the fees for matching applications in Turkey have increased considerably. This new subscription for Tinder, which offers messaging without matching, seems difficult to choose for Turkey.

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