Telephone call between Putin and Biden over – Macron and Putin discussed the Minsk Agreement

Russia has accused the US of increasing the risk of war itself by warning of Russian aggression in the Ukraine conflict. The “propaganda campaign” of the United States and its allies is pursuing “provocative goals,” Moscow said after a phone call between Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his US colleague Antony Blinken on Saturday. “Kiev is encouraged to sabotage the Minsk agreements and harmful attempts at a military solution to the ‘Donbass problem,'” it said.

Moscow repeatedly accuses Kiev of not fulfilling its obligations from the 2015 im Belarusian Minsk not to fulfill the peace plan for eastern Ukraine. Unlike the West, Russia sees the danger of war from the Ukrainian side and fears that they could try to use force to take back the breakaway areas in Luhansk and Donzek.

The United States, on the other hand, warned on Friday that a Russian invasion of neighboring Ukraine could possibly take place as early as next week. Washington also announced the relocation another 3000 soldiers to Europe. Several states – including Germany – then called on their citizens to leave the country.

Moscow also said that in the conversation with Blinken, Lavrov also criticized the West for ignoring central Russian demands for security guarantees. Among other things, the Kremlin is demanding an end to the eastward expansion of NATO and in particular wants to prevent Ukraine from joining the western military alliance. NATO has rejected this demand and refers to the free choice of alliances of states.

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