Telegram Usernames Up for Sale on TON Blockchain: Base Price Expected to be $16,000

Popular messaging app Telegram will be selling rare usernames on the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain.

Telegram October 26 in its announcement on TON blockchain official market place official launch announced.

marketplace, users to buy rare usernames a price to compete with auction platform will serve as

in August After the TON Foundation successfully auctioned off TON DNS domains, this practice was also voiced on the Telegram channel by Telegram founder Pavel Durov. At the beginning of the auction 4 and 5 letter usernames will be held for the auction. The probable base price of a four-letter username is approx. 10,000 Toncoins will be set.

Individual Telegram users can also access the platform. their own usernames will be available for sale. Users buy products move to their desired market place and resell can also use options.

Founding member of the TON Foundation Andrew Rogozov, believes this development will help accelerate blockchain adoption. About the auction, Rogozov states that for the first time, social media users will be able to transparently prove their usernames.

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