Surprising target for Xiaomi SU7 electric car!

XiaomiThe long wait for ‘s highly anticipated electric car is over. Xiaomi, which has slowly started to introduce vehicles to its users, has now set a new goal for itself. Xiaomi group chairman Lu Weibing said that more than 100 thousand devices will be sold by the end of the year. SU7 He said they would sell it.

Taking action with the introduction of electric cars into our lives, the famous electronics company Xiaomi produced cars in a way that is unrelated to its other products. Showing everyone how a brand famous for its smartphones can produce good cars, Xiaomi achieved success at once with its SU7 model. The company, which has started to deliver the vehicles sold now, has set a target for the end of the year. Lu Weibing stated that they plan to sell more than 100 thousand Xiaomi SU7 by the end of the year.

Xiaomi SU7, which recorded more than 70 thousand sales until April 20, actually surprised even its manufacturer with this figure. Seeing the sales figures increasing day by day, Xiaomi has now set its sights on 100 thousand vehicles. Stating that they will exceed this threshold before the end of 2024, the company has delivered its car to 29 cities for now. However, it is said that this number will reach 40 by the end of the year.

Is Xiaomi SU7 the beginning of a new era?  – How did they manage?

Is Xiaomi SU7 the beginning of a new era? – How did they manage?

SDN Editor-in-Chief Tolga Cem Küçükyılmaz and our editor Samet Jankovic evaluated the Xiaomi SU7 model.

The price of Xiaomi SU7, which is available in three different models, ranges from 29 thousand dollars to 41 thousand dollars. The electric car, sold in a total of 59 stores in the country, seems to fascinate everyone with its long range, short charging time, power and design. For those who are curious, we have listed the features of all three models below. Do you think Xiaomi will be able to exceed its sales target by the end of the year? You can express your ideas in the comments.
Feature SU7 Standard SU7 Pro SU7 Max Performance
Price (CNY/USD) 215 thousand 900 yuan / 29 thousand 900 dollars 245 thousand 900 yuan / 34 thousand dollars 299 thousand 900 yuan / 41 thousand 500 dollars
Battery 73.6 kWh BYD LFP Blade 94.3 kWh CATL Shenxing 101 kWh CATL Qilin
CLTC Range (km) 700 830 800
Engine Only Only Couple
Driving Type RWD (Rear Drive) RWD (Rear Drive) AWD (All Wheel Drive)
Power (kW) 220 Unknown 495
Torque (Nm) 400 400 838
0-100 km/h Acceleration (seconds) 5.28 Unknown 2.78
Maximum Speed ​​(km/h) 210 Unknown 265
Architecture (V) 400 (486V) 800 (871V) 800 (871V)
Range with Charging in 15 Minutes (km) 350 510 510

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