Support from the Anti-Bitcoin US Senator to the SEC and Gary Gensler!

bitcoin and cryptocurrency known for its opposition US Senator Elizabeth WarrenStatements of support for the US SEC and its chairman, Gary Gensler, came from .

American Economic Freedoms Project Elizabeth Warren, speaking in an interview with the SEC yesterday, spoke highly of the SEC’s efforts to regulate cryptocurrencies.

Calling on the SEC to do more to combat crypto scams, Warren also urged US lawmakers to give the SEC the necessary powers to continue the crypto fight.

by Gary Gensler crypto- Warren noted that since Gensler became SEC chairman in April 2021, both he and the SEC have gotten off to a good start in resolving some of the problems created by the former SEC chairman under Donald Trump.

“The SEC is required to use all its regulatory powers to protect US citizens from fraud.

It should also double down on the SEC sanctions. In this context, I urge US regulators to regulate the cryptocurrency industry in a clearer and more accountable way.

In addition, the SEC has made it loud and clear that cryptocurrencies do not accept longstanding security laws that protect investors and ensure the integrity of our financial markets.

Because this is the right approach. The SEC has the right rules and the right experience, and Gary Gensler shows he’s the right leader to get the job done.”

“Previous SEC vs. Current SEC!”

Former SEC Comparing its management to the current SEC administration, Elizabeth Warren noted that the previous SEC created a crypto market that allowed junk tokens, unregistered securities, rug pull scams, price manipulations and money laundering activities.

That changed, according to Warren, with Gensler as head of the SEC.

In this context, Warren, who thinks that the SEC under the chairmanship of Gensler has taken successful steps, said that the crypto industry largely refrains from the SEC.

“I think the SEC administration under Gary Gensler has been very successful.

So much so that industry leaders are lobbying and spending billions of dollars to evade the SEC.”

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