Storage Health of the Device Will Be Tracked with Android 15

Android 15 will show the health of the storage drive, just like iPhones show battery health.

We have seen previews in the past months. Android 15 version comes with interesting features that will make compatible devices much more functional, and we are learning another one of them every day. Among the features that have emerged in the past period, there are remarkable features such as desktop mode, satellite connection support, and advanced notification control.

Of course, apart from that, camera and security improvements It will make the devices both more reliable and more transparent to the user. Speaking of transparency, a recently discovered feature will allow you to monitor your device’s secret hardware.

Just like battery health, but for storage.

According to the information in the Android Open Source Project, Android 15 file, your device will be able to show you the health of your storage chip as a percentage through an API to be added. In this way, this part how long does he have left to live you will be able to see. The feature will be quite useful since storage chips, like all other hardware, wear out over time.

Most modern phones have UFS In the storage method, storage drives can show their usage rates. Android 15 will access this information and present it to the user. Google Pixel models are expected to be the first models to get this feature. Although this is not the main purpose of the feature, it will also enable the buyer to be more conscious about the device they will buy in second-hand sales. What are you thinking?


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