Steam expanded DualShock and DualSense support

Valve to Steam DualShock And DualSense announced that it has released a new update for PlayStation controllers such as. The update, which adds full support for both popular controllers, will provide great convenience to players using PlayStation controllers.

Full support for DualSense and DualShock from Steam

Steam’s new DualSense and DualShock updates; It addresses discoverability, compatibility and personalization features. In these respects, it puts PlayStation accessories on par with Xbox controllers.

With the update, Steam; It will filter search results in the “Controller Friendly” section by Xbox, DualShock, DualSense. Game pages will also have badges indicating whether controllers support full or partial compatibility.

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Search results on Steam will also be narrowed down to specific controller support. In addition, the home page of the application will save the controllers the user has connected to its memory to provide more personalized recommendations.

According to Valve’s update notes, there has been a significant increase in PlayStation accessories on Steam in recent years. Usage involving DualShock controllers has nearly quadrupled in the last four years. The PlayStation base now accounts for 27 percent of Steam, up from just 19 percent four years ago.


With this update, the experience of Steam users playing games with PlayStation controllers will be improved. It also shows Steam’s broad support for Xbox and PlayStation. It should be noted that there is no official support for third-party controllers, but they are listed under the “general use” heading on the game pages.

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