Statement from Veteran Analyst Mike McGlone: ​​’Not Bitcoin (BTC), But This Commodity May Live Bulls!’

Senior Macro Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence Mike McGlonein 2023 to Bitcoin (BTC) by comparison gold He put forward a bull scenario for the economy and cited the potential for a recession in the US and a decline in the stock market as key factors.

Gold May Rise More Than Bitcoin (BTC)

In a tweet on May 7, McGlone said that the move towards recession and momentum in the US could give gold an advantage over Bitcoin in 2023, especially if stock markets drop.

He added that the upward movement of gold against the dips for crypto is the current trend on a 100-week basis.

McGlone explained that Bitcoin’s stay above the $30,000 resistance will be the first indication that the trend has changed for all cryptos, but that the ceiling seems to be strengthening as of May 2.

He also stated that Bitcoin has a higher correlation with the stock market and risk assets versus gold, which puts Bitcoin in a vulnerable position at the beginning of May.

McGlone said that the consensus that the US economy will have a soft landing and the worst is over is similar across stocks and cryptos, with Bitcoin tending to be a higher beta and leading indicator.

He cited Bloomberg Economics’ recession forecasts moving into July.

McGlone is a well-known analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence covering commodities and cryptocurrencies. He has been bullish on Bitcoin in the past, but also sees gold as a valuable asset in times of economic uncertainty and inflation.

*Not investment advice.

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