STAR WARS: Jedi Survivor Added to EA Play on PS5

STAR WARS: Jedi Survivor game has been added to PlayStation 5 EA Pass for some regions. This may be a sign that we will see the game on Game Pass as well.

One of the most popular movie series in the world STAR WARS Of course, it is also the subject of many games. These games even include iconic productions such as Knights of the old Republic. The last game released under the brand’s umbrella is STAR WARS: Jedi Survivor and the game was appreciated by both players and critics.

Cal Kestis The game, in which we experience the epic story of Dr. and his friends, has been added to EA Pass for PlayStation 5 users in some regions. Set a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, this souls-like adventure game can be experienced by more players in the future.

Only in Europe for now but…

First of all, it should be noted that EA Pass (not EA Play Pro) The productions can also be played via Game Pass. The library of EA’s subscription platform is already the same on almost all platforms. Naturally, the fact that the game has been added to EA Pass increases the possibility that the production will be included in Game Pass in the future. So, it looks like we will be able to see the game on the computer and Xbox versions of EA Pass.

Hence the sequel, Jedi: Fallen Order. about a year ago was out. Such a surprise would be nice on the anniversary of that production. On the other hand, another claim is that the game is not fully ready yet and that is why it is released in a single region. Whatever the reason, STAR WARS: Jedi Survivor coming to EA Pass is a very exciting development.


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