Stand back Xiaomi: The leader of the smart watch industry has been announced!

The wearable technology market entered the second quarter of this year with a two-quarter losing streak. Canalys As noted, the good news is that shipments in the worldwide smartwatch market in the second quarter were down worldwide for three months. 44.2 million The product is shipped 6% annually It increased. So, which company took how much market share and who is at the top?

Who is the leader in the smart watch category?

Apple this quarter yearly on basis 3% with decline 8.1 million Achieved leadership with Apple Watch sales. Apple’s market share compared to the same quarter last year from 20% to 18% Even though he fell, he did not give up the leadership. The next manufacturer after Apple was the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi.

Xiaomi is at the same level as last year’s figure 4.8 million units It ranked second after Apple by selling products. As a result, Xiaomi lost its market share at 11% it kept. Basic strap, watch and smart watch shipments 13% thanks to the increase Huawei, quarter 4.1 million It came in third place by shipping units. Huawei’s 10% market share is up from 9% last year 1% point higher It happened.

Canalys Research Analyst Jack Leathem On the subject: “The wearable market is experiencing a resurgence driven by increasing consumer demand in various aspects of daily life. “Demand across different segments is picking up, allowing sellers to meet specific consumer needs.”

The expensive repair costs of Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 have been revealed!

The expensive repair costs of Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 have been revealed!

Repair costs for the newest Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 models were shared on Apple’s official support website.

India-based wearable device company Noise ranked 4th with 3.5 million units shipped. The company offers a wide range of Bluetooth smartwatches, compared to the previous year. up 93% had the largest annual earnings among producers on the list. The company’s market share increased in the second quarter of last year From 4% to 8% this year output.

Another Indian wearable brand, fire bolt It was fifth on the list. Fire Boltt, on an annual basis 86% with a significant increase like 3 million pieces made the shipment. The company’s market share in the same quarter of 2022 from 4% to 7% output. If the sector continues with such an increase until 2027 It is estimated that it will be ready for sustainable growth.

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