Squid Game: The Challenge Receives Season 2 Approval

Squid Game: The Challenge, the reality show in which real contestants compete in games in the Squid Game series for prize money, has received a second season approval from Netflix. Applications for the new season competition have already started.

Netflix launches a competition program that brings the popular series Squid Game to real life Squid Game: The Challenge It started publishing in the past weeks. The production, which consists of 10 episodes, will complete its first season with the release of its last episode tonight.


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As the first season is coming to an end, Netflix has received news that will please the fans of the series. Squid Game: The Challenge, It received approval for a second season.

Applications have started for those who want to participate in the competition in the second season.

Speaking about the second season approval, Netflix manager Brandon Riegg said the following, referring to the competition: ““There were no red-light barriers to our decision to greenlight the second season of Squid Game: The Challenge, the most ambitious unscripted series we’ve ever made on Netflix.”

Following approval, Netflix also started the application process for those who want to participate in the competition. Those who want, regardless of country link here You can apply by clicking. To apply, there are conditions such as being over 21 years of age, having a passport, and being eligible to participate in the program for at least four weeks. After entering their information, participants must also upload a 1-minute video in which they talk about themselves and things like why they want to participate in the contest.

Just like the first season, 456 people will participate in the competition in the second season. The winner is $4.56 million will win the prize.


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Squid Game: The Challenge has been at the top of Netflix’s top 10 English content list for the last two weeks. The series in its first week 20.5 million viewers, 11.4 million viewers in its second week He had taken it. We can predict that this number will increase when the last episode is published.

Even though the competition was ranked at the top, it did not receive good comments from users. Additionally, some claims from the contestants created controversy. Several participants said they suffered injuries during the games and threatened to sue Netflix.


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