Spotify subscriber count and revenue have been announced! (2024 1st quarter)

The world’s most popular digital music service provider Spotifypublished its financial report for the first quarter of 2024. Accordingly, the number of subscribers of the company, how much money it earned and its net profit became clear. At work Spotify‘s financial information…

Spotify Annual income of the service according to the information shared by 20 percent increasing at the rate 3.6 billion eurosreached. The company’s profit is 168 million euros It was announced as. Analysts’ expectation 156.4 million euros was. In this context, we can say that the company exceeded expectations. So, does this also apply to the number of subscribers?

Spotify number of paid subscribers 14 percent increasing at the rate to 239 million reached. Total number of active users, including ads 615 millionrose to . At this point, analysts’ prediction 617.9 million It was in the direction of.

  • Annual income: 3.6 billion euros (+20%)
  • Snow: 168 million euros
  • Number of paid subscribers: 239 million (+14%)
  • Total number of active users: 615 million

Spotify remix feature is coming!  Users will create their own music

Spotify remix feature is coming! Users will create their own music

Spotify is challenging TikTok’s remix trend by introducing a DJ remix feature so users can personalize music.

Number of subscribers and revenue aside SpotifyLast year, it drew reaction from users for increasing subscription fees. However, various sources expect the company to increase its prices again soon. With this SpotifyIt is also reported that ‘s is working on a new subscription plan that does not include audiobooks. This new plan may come with a lower price because it will offer less content. For this reason, it can be preferred by users who do not want to listen to audio books.

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