Smart Whale Says Bitcoin Has Risen Enough, He Changed His Position to Ethereum!

A smart and successful whale moved his bullish bets on Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH).

On-chain analysis account made by Lookonchain on March 4 in sharinga smart whale Bitcoin to Ethereum transition was included.

The whale switched from bullish on Bitcoin to bullish on Ethereum. Whale on February 26 of Bitcoin Thinking that it will gain more value compared to Ethereum 1,500 ETH for 88.63 BTC He replaced it with .

This investor is now of Ethereum Believing that it will gain more value against Bitcoin 88.68 Convert your BTC to 1,597 ETH turned it over. In this process, the whale not only gains thanks to the rise, but also 97 Ethereum He also earned extra money.

In total $5.57 million Whale that can buy ETH, 338 thousand dollars He also won ETH from the exchange.

According to CoinGecko data Bitcoin while writing 64,840 from dollars Ethereum whereas 3,502 It is traded in dollars.

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