Significant Change from Cardano: Block Size Increased by 12.5 Percent!

In the last period, his name has been mentioned with the decline and the regulations in the USA. Cardano (ADA), however, developments in infrastructure continue at full speed.

Cardano, which has recently received smart contract support, but the team promises to work non-stop, continues to implement important changes in the network at full speed.

New Step from Cardano Team

In the last post published by the Cardano team, it was emphasized that the block size experienced a significant increase of 12.5%. This is actually touted as a precaution for the increased traffic on the network.

The increase in 8KB size will bring the total block size to 72KB and it will be possible to fit many more transactions in a single block. This will significantly increase the total number of transactions that can be processed per second and will do wonders in terms of efficiency. Of course, users will also be offered more capacity and lower transaction fees.

Cardano had a capacity of 10,000 transactions per day a year ago. A year later, the number of daily transactions reached 200,000. This is expected to continue to increase significantly with the new update. The block increase of 12.5% ​​may not seem very big, but it can be said that the effect will be multiplied with the increase in usage.

In addition, Charles Hoskinson stated that he will change the network regarding private keys in the coming days and called on Cardano investors to be ready for the changes. The ADA team continues to increase the excitement right now.

*Not Investment Advice.

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