Sexist Advertisements That Make You Say “With what mindset did they do this?”

Although the goal in advertising is always to hit the hardest point, some companies have gone too far and gone as far as being sexist.

AdsIt plays a major role in changing the audience’s perspective on a subject or making certain services/products attractive. In order to accelerate this or make it deeper, companies sometimes try to make bold advertisements that will hit the nerves. But as we know, most of them are to the point of unpleasantness can move forward.

Due to some social limitations, in the past many deprived of tools and innovation Advertisements that portray or use women in wrong ways are among the worst ones we’ve mentioned. Because this sexist ads Many of them are done with truly serious thoughts, not to impress people or get a reaction.

Before moving on to advertisements, let’s talk about some research on this subject.

In the research conducted in collaboration with Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Communication Advertising Department and RVD, Gender Equality Platform in Advertising, 489 award-winning television commercials were examined. Accordingly, the main characters in the advertisements While 35 percent are womenproportion of men 65 percent was detected as. This ratio was 56 percent male and 44 percent female between 2007 and 2011. Well Female representation in advertisements has decreased day by day.

The research examines the traditional gender roles of men and women represented in a limited way revealed. Accordingly, while 43 percent of women are depicted at home and 10 percent at work; 22 percent of men are pictured at work, 22 percent are pictured outdoors, and 20 percent are pictured at home.

Making a statement about the research, BAU Faculty of Communication Advertising Department Dr. Lecturer Member Eda Öztürk said: “Life is changing, social roles are changing, but the representations that find a place in advertising remains limited to traditional patterns. Advertising can and should use more pluralistic and inclusive language regarding femininity and masculinity. Women and men are changing, and in advertising We do not see any reward for this.

Now let’s move on to the ads:

That ad from Schlitz where the woman says it’s okay if the woman burns the food on the stove if there’s beer!

To prevent your husband from getting angry with you, you always have Schlitz keep it. Even if you burn the food on the stove, it’s okay if there’s beer. As seen in the image, the female figure is angry because she has Schilitz beer at home, even though she burned the pan on the stove. not scolded. That slogan; “Don’t worry darling, you didn’t burn the beer!“. As we said at the beginning, it is a very serious advertisement.

Alcoa has designed a bottle cap that even women (?) can open!


Alcoa, Even women can open This design leaves our mouth open. There are countless ways to tell that physical strength is not the same between genders due to biological differences, but Alcoa has chosen the most inappropriate one.

How do you explain the ease of use of a computer in an eye-catching way? Certainly not the way Datacomp does it.


datacomphas developed a computer that “even women can use”. At least that’s how he makes his announcement. We say that points such as having all equipment in a single case or minimalist design eliminating confusion could have been more universal.

Renaultannounced its car price discount campaign with the slogan “You wouldn’t be this happy if you explained offside to your girlfriend.”


After the reactions, the advertisement was taken off the air. We cannot understand how this point was reached, but it is clear that an effort was made for a humorous approach, unlike the previous ones.

From nature, “What do women want?” to the question “To be made happy by men.” he replied.

“What women want?” These patterns were reinforced with the slogan. Especially when the reactions from social media grow like an avalanche, from nature, Had to remove the ad.

Pril emphasizes that only diligent ladies will shine with Pril and that men have no place in the kitchen due to this discourse.


prill, does not hesitate to emphasize that the modern woman also washes the dishes and that this job is entirely her duty. Açelya Akkoyun’s modern, yet confident appearance and her image of a happy woman who does not neglect her housework were among the striking aspects of the advertisement.

According to Tuborg; Is the perfect beer a decent beer?


The phrase “like a man” used in the advertisement is actually an expression that is frequently used in daily life and carries sexism without realizing it. Tuborg Even though the message that the advertisement wants to give us is perfection, The perception of perfection is based on male perfection. It is argued that it is sexist.

There are also ads that break the mold! Audi Spain had made an advertisement that was free from gender stereotypes.

The first striking detail in the advertisement in the toy store is that the colors blue and pink are positioned on two separate sides. While there are cars and action figures on the blue side, there are toys such as baby carriages and make-up tables on the pink side.

When the lights are turned off, all the toys come to life and a baby who is bored of the pink area he is in, finds himself in the “boys’ toys” section. AudiHe gets on the ride and goes for a ride around the store. At the end of the advertisement, the message is given that children do not pay attention to whether the person driving the car is male or female, despite the guidance of their families.


When and how did the understanding that blue is a boy’s color and pink is a girl’s color emerge?

Orkid defines “girly” as “Doing it in the best possible way.” transformed it into perception.

Orkid was launched with the aim of instilling self-confidence in teenage girls. #Like a girl We would not be wrong if we say that the movement is in the leading role of this movement. The brand, which aims to transform the expression #Like a Girl from negative to positive, showed that young girls were negatively affected by the expression #Like a Girl, and started this to show that doing something #Like a Girl means “doing it in the best way”.

Boxing equipment brand everlast showed that the profession can be independent of gender.

everlastThe commercial film prepared by is about a female boxer who faces sexism. “I’m a BoxerDirector of the commercial called ” Claire Edmondsonexpressed his wish that athletes would be evaluated according to their abilities rather than their gender.Don’t call me a female boxer. I am a boxer!” he states defiantly.

Dove said, “Honey, I promise!” With her campaign, she explains the process by which women are judged based on their appearance rather than their work experience.

Before that “Campaign for Real Beauty” And “real strengthDove, which has undertaken “” projects, puts aside appearance and focuses on women’s talents in its #MyBeautyMySay campaign. In the campaign, 9 women with different professions talk about their experiences and how they are judged by their appearance.

Stories told in advertisements kickboxer Heatherthat she is too beautiful for this sport and that it will ruin her face, Rain, a model from New YorkAs for , she has always been told that she is too masculine, masculine and ugly. In response to all these comments, women fearlessly say #MyBeautyMySay.

Turkish female athletes appear in Nike’s advertisement.

The Nike commercial, prepared with the participation of many famous Turkish female athletes, received full marks from the audience. The slogan of the ad is “Know us like this!

This type of advertising is forced to change. Sexist ads must stop now.

feminist march

Ads were forced to change and many ads were removed as a result of the reaction. woke up Although it may be due to feminism, which is related to the culture, at this point we can state that the situation is nothing but sexism and therefore it is justified.

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