‘Select All’ Coming to Android Version of Gmail

When we learned it was coming, Google said “why wasn’t there?” He brings a feature we are curious about to the Android version of Gmail.

One of the most popular email applications Gmail, not only for those who use Android phones; It is an application that people with iPhone models also like. We mention this because the Mail application, one of the iOS applications, is also very popular. However, users, especially delay time Switching to Gmail due to its low cost.

From past to present major developments Gmail, which has been around for a long time, is adding new features to its structure today. A new one has recently been added to these features. Aforementioned “I’ve come so farThe feature that makes you say “if Android If you are using it, you can check it immediately.

Bulk selection feature has arrived in Gmail for Android.

With this feature, in the Android version of Gmail, just like the web version, “Select all” button will be available. Although it says select all, only 50 e-mails can be selected when this button is clicked. Of course, it should not be overlooked that this is also the case in the web version.

There is no development yet for iOS devices, but it will not take long for this update to arrive there. Because the feature, which is not included in a specific update even on the Android side, by server side becomes active. So Android users should see this feature. just a matter of time.

In the past weeks, it will come to Gmail different features we have seen. In this context, the e-mail application Possibility of replying with emojis to offer and translation The fact that the feature would also come to mobile versions made users happy. Even though we see these from week to week, it looks like Google’s plans for Gmail won’t end anytime soon.

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