Santiment: “Investors Who Own One of These Six Altcoins Are Lucky!”

Long bear market Bitcoin While it caused major declines in and altcoins, these negative effects still relatively continue.

at this point altcoins While facing low liquidity problems, BTC It continues to be on investors’ radar due to price volatility.

While this is the general situation in altcoins centimeter He said that some altcoins gave a bullish signal.

Stating that there is a remarkable trend in some altcoins, Santiment said that Sushi (SUSHI), Reef (REEF), Aelf (ELF), Biconomy (BICO), Curve DAO (CRV) and Injective (INJ) He said that the investors who were found were lucky.

Santiment stated that although there are short-term uncertainties in the cryptocurrency market, these altcoins have been moved from exchanges to self-storage wallet addresses.

Stating that this situation is generally good for prices centimetersaid:

“If you own any of the SUSHI, REEF, ELF, BICO, CRV and INJ altcoins, then you are in luck.

Because these altcoins are withdrawn from exchanges and transferred to self-custodial wallet addresses.

Historically, such big swings in stock markets are good for future prices.”

*This is not investment advice.


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