Samsung to broadcast ‘Unpacked’ event on Metaverse

Samsung recently introduced its own Metaverse service, My House. The virtual store hosted approximately 4 million users in less than a month. Another move about the virtual universe came from the technology giant, which opened a store in Decentraland in Metaverse.

Electronics giant Samsung has announced the details of its “Unpacked” event, which will be held tomorrow (February 9). The event, which will take place tomorrow, will also be open to users on Metaverse. Here are the details…

Samsung’s devices that will receive updates for 5 years have been announced!

Samsung will now give 4 years of Android and 5 years of security updates to some smartphones and tablets. Here are the first devices…

Samsung “Unpacked” event will also be available on Metaverse!

The announcement of the “Unpacked” event, which is expected to introduce the Samsung S22 family, was made last month. Samsung shared a survey on its official Twitter account. According to the results of the survey, users stated that they have great expectations from the camera evolution, creativity and productivity tools from this event.

South Korean tech giant Samsungusers metaverse In Decentraland, Samsung announced that it can participate in the event from its 837x store. The virtual store is an exact reflection of the store in New York Washington. Decentraland This virtual reality store, which is one of the biggest purchases for its history, will also host a historical event.

Company, Gear VRIt was one of the few companies that invested in virtual reality when they launched . Announcing that it will retire these products, which are affordable for a VR headset, in December, the company also stated that there is no development regarding this.

Samsung’s as well as companies investing as a store, Walmart, Nike and Disney has it. The announcement of the event, which will take place tomorrow, was made all over the world with the slogan “Tiger in The City”. Like last year, in the company’s 2022 flagship lineup this year, Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra models are expected to be introduced.

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