Samsung introduces Flex In and Out foldable display

Samsung is increasing its investments in foldable screen technology. Samsung DisplayFlex In and Outannounced its foldable OLED panel with a 360-degree hinge called ”. The new design allows the panel to be folded both inwards and outwards. In this way, it can be expanded or made smaller by opening like existing foldable phones.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 have a Flex In and Out display?

Samsung Display, the new foldable display prototype Flex In and Out with curiosity. The screen, which can be folded inwards and outwards, can prevent hinge thickness, which is one of the biggest problems of the foldable industry.

The foldable screens of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip series have a distinct hinge difference. Flex In & Out panel, on the other hand, has a larger folding radius, reducing the thickness of the hinge. Samsung calls this hinge a “water-drop hinge”.

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Android 13 good news for Galaxy Tab S6 Lite from Samsung!

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This prototype screen is similar to the Z Fold series, and there are also claims that it can be offered to users with the Z Fold5. However, this brings some problems. For example, the top layer of foldable screens is still plastic and vulnerable to scratches.

The Galaxy Z Fold series can avoid this danger by folding inward. But if you fold the Flex In and Out panel outward, the flexible OLED will be exposed. Using the phone in this way will cause the screen to be scratched.

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It is worth noting that Samsung has introduced many different foldable prototypes. But this seems closer to being a real product. However, the Galaxy S23 family Unpacked on February 1st Let us remind you that it will be announced at the event.

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