Samsung Internet Comes to Desktops

Samsung has brought the Samsung Internet application, which it published in 2012 and has been available for mobile devices to date, to desktop computers. Samsung Internet works exclusively on Windows computers for now.

South Korean technology giant Samsung published “Samsung Internet” has brought the internet browser named ” to desktop devices. Samsung Internet will now also work on Windows-based computers. With the latest development, Google Chrome a new rival We can say that it is coming.

Samsung Internet, which was first released in 2013, Chromium uses infrastructure. In other words, this internet browser uses the same working logic as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Therefore, many features in Google Chrome are also available for Samsung Internet. is valid We can give you information.

Samsung Internet has a simple design

The desktop version of Samsung Internet is similar to Google Chrome in its general structure. looks similar. However, a relatively simple design was created for the browser. This seems like some users will like it.

According to our checks, the desktop version of Samsung Internet is currently Not accessible in Turkey We see. However, this situation will change in the very near future. If you want to access Samsung Internet’s page in Microsoft Store here You can use the link.

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