Riot Games’ Game Name Announced as “Project L”

Riot Games announced that the fighting game, which has been called “Project L” until now, will be named “2XKO”. A trailer from the game also arrived.

Riot Games, which we know best with League of Legends, continues to develop new games. The company’s “Project L” It has been known for some time that he was developing a mysterious game known as. This game was officially announced today.

The game giant announced that the name of the new production is “2XKO” He stated that it will be. A trailer of the game, which will be in the fighting genre, was also shared.

2XKO trailer

What kind of game will 2XKO be?

2XKO is League of Legends’ “RuneterraIt will appear as a fighting game set in the world of. In the production featuring iconic champions, we will see advanced fighting mechanics and controls that players of all ages can easily understand. 2XKOTM will also introduce a new community for the LoL universe.

2XKO; For PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC for free will be offered. There is no definitive statement about the release date, but the company stated that it is targeting 2025.


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