Refurbished Xbox Series X/S revealed

Released at The Game Awards event in 2019 Xbox Series X, Microsoft‘s most powerful gaming console ever. It looks like the company is working on revamped versions of existing game consoles. a short while ago FTCDocuments leaked from have no disk drive and a completely different design Xbox Series X It reveals the console.

What will the renewed Xbox Series X offer?

Microsoftfrom FTCSent to and renewed Xbox Series S/X of consoles the design Documents containing the data and its features were leaked. At this point it’s the company’s smallest console yet Series SWhile there is no change in the appearance of the Series X, we can say that things have gone to a completely different point.

Microsoftnew Xbox Series X By giving up the checkered design of the current model on the console circular Switches to a view. On the other hand, when we look at the leaked images, we see that there is no disk drive in the model.

The release date of Xbox's next generation console has been announced

The release date of Xbox’s next generation console has been announced

It has become clear when the next generation versions of Xbox consoles will be released. Let’s take a look at the details together.

Device, 2 TB storageHe will have . At the same time USB-C connection will appear before the user. The console’s efficiency and power consumption have also been significantly improved. Because here, energy consumption is reduced by 15 percent compared to the current model. Apart from this, it will consume 20 percent less power in standby mode. The device, which will come with 6 nm architecture, will also have connection features such as Wi-Fi 6E support and Bluetooth 5.2.

The prices of game consoles have also been announced. According to FTC documents, Series X will be showcased with a price tag of $ 499. The affordable model of the series, Series S, will be sold for $ 299. It is not yet clear when the products will be introduced. However, according to allegations, they will be introduced in 2024.

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