References and Easter Eggs in Starfield

It is quite normal to come across a lot of easter eggs in Starfield, which is a game produced by Bethesda and takes place in a very large universe. So where can we find these?

We know that game makers put many hidden details and easter eggs in their games. As players, find even the smallest detail Or learning about it either surprised us or brought a small smile to our face.

Bethesda’s in general It is possible to encounter such surprises in every game. That’s why Starfield is no exception for us. If you are curious enough, you can find references to previous Bethesda games and many events in this space-themed game. Here are the highlights:

Starfield meets Death Stranding.

If you go to the UC Distribution Center in New Atlantis in Starfield, you will encounter an NPC named Johann. When you meet Johann, you will be shown among the Onboard Systems. delivering product He will talk about his passion. The further you get in conversation with him, the more he becomes a character in the video game Death Stranding. to the postman It becomes so clear what he is referring to.

At the end of the speech, Johann said, “Keep on, keeping on.” (Keep going, keep going.)” he said, giving a sweet note to Death Stranding players. sending doing. Between Hideo Kojima (Kojima Productions), producer of Death Stranding, and Bethesda friendship And respect It was a nice touch to show off.

PO-TAY-TOES! Any potato in Starfield to the description When you look, you may notice the reference, which is at one point a Lord of the Rings meme.

In The Lord of the Rings Sam to Gollum While explaining what a potato is, “Po-Tay-Toes!” The scene where he says “Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew.” became an internet meme for a while.

Lord of the Rings

Bethesda also explained this by writing “boiled, mashed, used in casseroles” in the description of the potatoes in Starfield. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers It’s a clear reference to the scene.

Note from Alex Hay

alex hay's note

When Bethesda announced Starfield at E3 2018, it both delighted and surprised gamers around the world. Different developers Unless we assume it did, the last game that Bethesda developed and published itself was Fallout 4, released on November 10, 2015 (Fallout 76 was not yet released at the time).

App producer Alex Hay in March 2023, as of September 2022 lung cancer stopped treatment and palliative care announced its start. A few days after the announcement deceased Hay had been following the Starfield project for years. Thereupon, Bethesda decided to immortalize him within the framework of Starfield rules.

If you visit The Eye station, which orbits Jemison at Alpha Centauri station, Alex Hay by You can find a note written on it.

Breaking Bad in Starfield?

starfield breaking bad

In New Atlantis, when you enter the Aurora laboratory, you will see the iconic images we are used to from Breaking Bad. yellow lab outfit You will see NPCs wearing it. It is obvious that Starfield is a reference to Breaking Bad.

The interesting thing is that when these NPCs are consumed called Aurora psychedelic effects It produces a substance that shows Just like in Breaking Bad, Walter White and Jesse produce this kind of substance.

The oldest human-made It is also possible to see the Pyramids of Giza, one of the structures, in Starfield.

starfield giza pyramids

In Starfield, you must go to the city of Aquila on the planet Aquila to find the Pyramids of Giza. You need to visit Ajhong Sinclair’s bookstore and buy the book “The Ancient Civilization of Egypt”. Later pyramids were found Cairo You will be informed about visiting.

By visiting this structure in Starfield, you can see that they are still against time You can see if they are durable or not. These structures have been around for so many years to remain intact It still confuses us.

The planets of the star Alpha Centauri and their moons were named after real astronauts.

alpha centauri gagarin

If you are really interested in space, you have already noticed this detail, but for those who missed it, the planets and moons of Alpha Centauri are the real stars that take humanity into space. space travelers Let’s point out that it got its name.

Alpha Centauri to Sol, the Earth The nearest It is a star system and consists of four planets and eight moons. If you’re interested in space and already playing the game, it’s hard to miss this easter egg and you’ve probably already traveled here.

It shouldn’t be surprising to see a reference to Apollo 11 in Starfield.

starfield apollo 11 neil armstrong

For those who don’t know, the Apollo 11 mission was the first mission that successfully landed on the Moon. first human mission has happened. Seeing a reference to this event in Starfield, one of the most comprehensive space games, made us players very happy.

When you go to the Moon, Luna as it is called in the game; the radar will show a landing area; If you found Sir Livingstone’s second diary, a quest marker will also appear. Only Go to the surface and you’ll be greeted with a rocky landscape. Lunar module (Apollo LM-5) alone on the huge map, next to american flag It just stands there with it.

Climb to the top of the lunar module and see Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Apollo LM-5 inside. snow globe You can buy it and add it to your collection.

almost New York for a century The Empire State Building, which remains intact and stands out, is also featured in Starfield.

starfield empire state building

To find the Empire State Building in Starfield, Get the coordinates from New Atlantis, You need to go to Earth, that is, Sol.

Go to New Atlantis and go to the MAST area. Reach a large building with a MAST sign at the entrance. Enter the elevator inside the building and go up to the ”Central/Command/Office of the President…” floor. Go to Mayor Abello’s office and from the table Get the book Our Lost Heritage. Then travel to the Sol System, mark the Empire State building on the map to land near the building.

Later these America’s games You can see the Empire State Building we mentioned above, standing intact with a few wears.

It operated on Mars from 2004 to 2018. robotic reconnaissance vehicle It was also featured in Starfield.

During your first visit to the NASA Launch Tower, you’ll need to interact with the MER Program exhibit. lobby area There’s room to the left to find a bunch of other exhibits. After completing the Unerathed main story mission, when you come back to the tower, you can go to the area where you can access all the exhibits. you can’t reach again. So it’s important that you can do it while you’re here.

After viewing the exhibit, you will receive a notification that it has been added to the activity list. What’s on top of the Opportunity Rover when you go on a mission? snow globe Don’t forget to buy it too.

Arrow to the Knee meme: Sometime again taking the internet by storm There is also an obvious reference to the Skyrim meme in Starfield.

starfield arrow to the knee

All in the Skyrim universe of the guards The phrase “then I took an arrow in the knee” became viral on the internet. Bethesda must have noticed this in Starfield too in the skill tree You can see a skill dedicated to this event.

Set in an infinite universe, Starfield is a bethesda game It contains a lot of easter eggs, referring to many events due to the fact that it happened. Which one did you like the most?


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