Razer Introduces Finger Covers for Mobile Gamers

Known for its high-quality gaming equipment, Razer is here with a new product that concerns the mobile gaming industry. With the product in question, sweating hands will be prevented from adversely affecting the gaming experience. The product, which appears as a finger cover, costs 10 dollars a pair.

It is among the most preferred brands in the field of player equipment in our country and in the world with its illuminated and mixed products. Razer, promising a pretty solid protection at last with actor mask had drawn attention. Now we are here with a new product that concerns mobile players.

Before 130W Razer, where we see the charger worth kishi It made mobile gaming much more comfortable. Now, we are here with finger covers that will make mobile gaming more comfortable for users who do not use such a controller. Cases that are much more affordable than Kishi 10 dollars It will have a sale tag.

No problems with airflow and touch sensitivity:

full name Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve According to its website, the product offers enhanced targeting and control experience thanks to its high-precision silver fibers. If purchased a couple is sent as The product comes in one color. In this color, Razer’s iconic neon green is used over the black we are used to.

What am I going to do with it?‘ you might be thinking. Here, the main focus of the product is, as we said, due to the sweat formed on the fingers over time. loss of control being happening. well professional level If you’re not interested in or don’t intend to play these games, or at least “I don’t take these games that seriouslyIf you can say ”, the product in question will not change much in your life.

Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve


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On the other hand, the gaming industry – including mobile – has been around for a long time. because of the incredible growth We can normally meet Razer’s effort to meet the needs of gaming equipment in different areas. Do you think this product is worth buying for mobile gaming? You can share your thoughts in the comment section.