Prices of Storage Units Will Increase Due to Artificial Intelligence

The high demand for hard disks and SSDs due to increasing artificial intelligence studies may increase the prices of storage units.

consumers, SSD and HDD may face serious price increases for its products. The reason for this situation is the artificial intelligence models that almost all major technology companies are working on intensively. As storage unit manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand, prices seem likely to rise.

Major storage manufacturers such as WD and Seagate require retailers to to increase prices in the next quarter It was stated that they wanted. Although there are many different reasons for this decision, the most important reasons include the decreasing production capacity during the pandemic period, the desire to cover past losses and the intense demand coming from artificial intelligence studies.

AI is doing to storage what crypto mining did to GPUs

In the past, due to the high demand for GPUs for cryptocurrency mining, prices have risen considerably, causing gamers to have to pay serious amounts for a good GPU. A similar situation seems to be happening now for storage units. When demand increases but supply remains the same, the market’s equilibrium price also increases. Due to this change, the prices of storage units will increase in dollar terms in the next quarter. Between 5%-10% may show an increase.

As a result, those who want to improve their storage units It’s a time when they need to act quickly We may have entered. Because it seems that the interest in artificial intelligence will continue. This indicates that prices may not return to this level in the foreseeable future.


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