PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan Announces He Will Retire

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, who has been working at Sony for 30 years, announced that he will retire. Sony also announced the name that will replace Jim Ryan. So why is Ryan retiring?

An explosive statement came from Japanese technology giant Sony. He has been working at Sony for 30 years and has been the PlayStation boss since 2019. jim ryanIt was announced that he decided to leave the company. ryan, As of March 2024 will retire.

In the statement made by Sony, the person who will replace Ryan was also announced. According to this; serving as the company’s COO and CFO Hiroki Totoki, will take over as head of PlayStation after Jim Ryan. Totoki, who will begin serving as President of Sony Interactive Entertainment next month. April 1, 2024 He will take over the position of CEO on an interim basis. Sony said that the management level will be reshaped in the future.

Jim Ryan was the number one responsible for PlayStation 5

In his statement on the subject, Ryan said that living in Europe and working in North America is very challenging. to force started Although he states that, we do not know whether this is the exact reason for his retirement. Ryan said that Sony is a very special company and that he is very pleased with both the people he works with and the work he has done so far. High-level separation at PlayStation affects the console’s future how will it affect We will see it all together. After all, it should not be forgotten that Jim Ryan, who spent 30 years for Sony, has done very important things for the company, but the most important of these is PlayStation 5.


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Hiroki Totoki also made some statements on the subject. New CEO, Jim Ryan unique jobs He said that he was grateful for the work he put forward. Stating that he is hopeful for the next process, Totoki said that the gaming industry your future He also expressed that he is excited to continue building.

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